Saturday, 27 April 2013

Visual Design Updates

Visual Design has taken a hit since the group project, but I'm trying my best to keep up!

Started some masters studies, the two below are Emile Gruppe and Hanson Puthuff.

I've mainly been looking at artists from the turn of the 19th century, focusing on grand landscapes and a lot of lighting contrast, with very gestural strokes. Following on from the river studies I wanted to continue with a similar style of painting. Really liking edgar payne's work too, might do a study or two of his, and for some reason i really want to paint ships! 

We've also been tasked with designing either an environment, vehicle or character based in southern USA during the prohibition, so around 1920's. I'm opting for environment/vehicle design and have chosen to design something around the bayous and swamps of louisiana.

Starting out with enviro's trying to get a mood set, a really dense, humid grimey feeling place. 

I'm liking the final image, the idea being some kind of settlement built on the bayou, hidden in the dark. I want to push the aesthetics of the buildings more, add a bit more quirk and randomness, maybe some more stories hap hazardly built up, or structures built into the trees. Need to get a final composition nailed and if I have time design a vehicle.
For the vehicle I was thinking of an early version of an air boat, or fan boat, but again maybe quite shoddy build quality and something a bit crazy.

A couple of mood boards just to back show the direction I'm going for

Air boats first came into production around the late 1920's, and they had a few crazy designs, including hard canopy one on the bottom left.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Group Work updates

It's been a while.

The level has come on a long way since the last update, a very long way, but I feel it still has so much further to go. Pretty much all the buildings are in and everything is is blocked out layout wise, we're just trickling in assetts and I'm starting to put together little scenes within the engine. Lighting has been a big issue for us. Our initial concepts showed dark, dingy streets but with the lighting we had it didn't feel very achievable as it made the entire level look extremely dull. This last week though I've been messing around with the level and feel like I've made some good progress, we've now got some interesting contrasted lighting, strong sunlit areas bringing out focal points, with the darker dingier streets lit with lamps.

Here are some before and after shots of the lighting from the last week

The difference is pretty significant, and although it's not quite there yet, it's a step in the right direction.
Some smaller assetts I was tasked with...
tiling rope texture, harder than it sounds
Clotheslines, few different shapes and sizes dotted around the level

I was also set to do the bridge entrance concepts, which I then modelled, with the bridge extending behind it
Quick ideas
Building on ideas
Final Design
In engine. Still needs unwrapping, smoothing and vertex alphas applied
For the stonework I decided to have a go at sculpting a highpoly texture and baking down for the first time, I'm fairly pleased with results considering!
Darker spots are just shadows
Right now I'm concentrating on building up some scenery and refining the lighting, I've also been messing around with sound and have got some ambient sound areas set up.

Dan's grass as vegetation shader in engine, still needs some tweaking

Friday, 5 April 2013

Studies and scribbles

trying to find more time to paint myself... might be a bad idea at this stage!

Went home for easter for a week and went on a nice walk, the river had some awesome colours in which made for some great colour studies

quick character ideas, focusing more on movement, because I get stuck drawing people in boring poses...