Monday, 11 November 2013


I'm aiming to create a vehicle that might exist within the futuristic Latin America setting I spoke about in the last post.

Going from these previous sketch I wanted to create some kind of surveillance/crowd control system that would operate in the slums

These are along the lines I'm thinking for the final design. An unmanned riot control vehicle, using non lethal systems like smoke grenades, rubber bullets and LRAD to disorientate/disperse crowds. Will post some more on this soon

FMP outline

Concept art and Design is going to be the main focus for my FMP. I want to spend the majority of my time working up to and building a design orientated 2D portfolio, perhaps with a smaller 3D scene to solidify these ideas, and produce a book as a presentable portfolio piece.

I'm going to focus on creating an entire scenario that will encompass environment and set design, vehicles and characters, even down to smaller details like scene props.

Currently I'm thinking of setting my sights on a futuristic interpretation of Latin America, with themes of overpopulation, a big divide between the rich and the poor, and a heavy police presence.

I explored some of these ideas over summer, which has led me to the current themes...

More recent stuff when I've had the time...


Sorry for the lack of updates, been real busy recently.

Here's some renders from my rooftop hand in.

I'm fairly happy with the atmosphere of the scene, and think i somewhat captured the essence of the concepts. The layout is interesting, it has a nice flow, but the general clutter in the level is lacking. It could do with more attention to detail, whether it's decals or random rubbish scattered around just to make it feel more lived in.