Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Character - Female Warrior

We're tasked with creating a female warrior of Africa, Indian, Chinese or Japanese origin for this project, from any point in history up till now, real or fictional.

I initially was exploring oriental warriors, such as samurai's and Onna Bugeishas (Female Japanese warriors) but decided to go out on a tangent and do Chinese pirates. I'm feeling this will give me the opportunity to maintain the traditional dress and extravagant designs, but be more creative and bring in some other cultural influences.

Exploring ideas through line drawing above, then taking my favourite three to explore further

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  1. I am researching to design a costume for Ching Shih, pirate queen of the Middle Qing Dynasty. I upcycle dolls. I am very interested to find where you got some of these images from, especially in the 1st collage. Who is the photo of an Asian lady warrior in an oval shaped mask/vignette? Chantelle.