Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Citadel Slums

This week I focused on putting together a single environment that I could take a bit further with detailing.
I spend a lot of time at the thumbnail stage trying to find an interesting composition, this usually just involves throwing down random shapes till I see something I like, and then work it through the fundamentals, applying perspective, using the rule of thirds, repeating shapes and working on value and atmospherics.

With this piece I explored and ended up deviating from the initial sketch, in fig 2, and it led me to a bit of frustration as to "why" it wasn't working. Ended up taking a step back realising that all the interest and energy was in that first thumb, so I stuck with it.

I settled on the idea of these slum like settlements below a huge futuristic city. It definitely helped to give the whole piece a huge sense of scale, with all these tiny rooftops scattering into the distance

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  1. Post some step-by-step work throughs to show how you put these together.