Friday, 15 March 2013

Group Work update

I realise I haven't really spoken about my role in the group or the project as a whole much on here, so here's some stuff!

I've fallen into the role of technical artist, which basically means I'm responsible for anything engine related mostly, but also determining what we as 3D artists can realistically model to work efficiently in engine.

I started out just getting to grips with the software, which felt like a nightmare at first, but it's becoming a lot more clear now. I've mostly just been blocking out the whitebox of the level and figuring out cool techy stuff in engine which we can use to make everything look cool!

here are some of the later shots

We'r really trying to push the fact that these streets were really narrow and claustrophobic. I've taken a whole load of screens from engine which we've had to paintover to get a better sense of the layout, mood and assets we need to concentrate on to really start fleshing out the level.

Since these shots I've done a fair amount more in Cry. Apart from just rejigging the overall layout here and there, I've put in placeholders for the skybox and ground terrain, worked out how to use the flowgraph to implement triggers for post processing effects and recently have been creating some height maps for parallax mapping on our textures, because we felt the normals weren't doing some of the textures justice.

These were the textures we initially put into cry, but felt that the normals didn't make them pop quite enough
And here's just a quick comparison between parallax occlusion on the left, and normal bump maps on the right

Aswell as being the Cry guy, I've also been modelling some churches. Finding time between sorting everything out in cry and going back and forth with the rest of group, aswell as having other projects to finish means I haven't got these buildings done and out of the way, which I'm not pleased with myself about.

The middle one was the original model which I thought I could do in a modular fashion, and it worked to some extent, but I realised really churches need to be a bit more unique, so I took elements I liked from it and modelled what is now the one on the left hand side. That one is pretty much done. The one on the right, I pulled elements from the left and have begun on another, which is almost done and I'll post up soon!

Aaand finally, I've been doing some concept work as well, this is where I feel most comfortable working.
Early mood painting

Building ideas
Love Lane mood painting
Building structure concept
Thames street catching the evening sun down by the docks
The goal right now is to get those two churches completely finished and hopefully textured in the next few days, and also get another concept of thames street docks finished, then hopefully jump into some more asset stuff!

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